I am exploring the ways our reminiscences of the past become romanticized over time, and how objects we encounter in the course of daily life evoke fragments of memory. I draw inspiration from both physical places and imagined mind spaces. 

My technical focus is fiber sculpture and installation work with an emphasis on knit and crocheted structures made of metal, plastic, and glass. 

Materiality is central to my practice. I seek to evoke the poetic essence of the media I use through physical manipulation and juxtaposition.

Immersing myself in the rhythm of making, I experience moments of resonance with my essential nature, connected to the flow through the alchemical combination of time and intention. 

I use materials that reflect and filter light to connect with ancient traditions in textile history of interacting with metaphysical energies by creating artifacts that sparkle and shine. 

As I examine issues of existential space and personal experience, luminescence and shadow have become primary considerations in my work, along with suspension, balance, and the harmonics of beauty. 
My studio space is at Bonded Llama Studios, an artist collective in Raleigh, NC.
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